Dangerous Good Storage Container

Containers First Puts Safety First.

Keep Your Dangerous Goods and Business Safe. Trust your Dangerous Goods Storage solutions to the experts in hazardous material containment dangerous-good-storage. Container First’s portable Dangerous Goods containers will not only keep your dangerous goods secure, they’re also certified to meet all legislative standards to protect your business from severe fines and penalties that could result from improper hazardous materials storage. Our Dangerous Goods Containers fully comply with all Australian Standards including AS1940-20054 and the Dangerous Goods Safety Management Act.

Dangerous good storage shipping Container


First-rate Protection for Every Application. Our Dangerous Goods Storage units easily allow for efficient access and handling of contents whilst providing the ultimate in protection for both people and the environment. Our fully robust and easily portable containers are ideal for all dangerous material storage including:

  • Class 3 flammables
  • Paint and paint solvents

  • Oil and diesel
  • Hazardous liquids

  • Other potentially dangerous substances

In addition to dangerous materials, our quality-built Dangerous Goods containers are the perfect solution for keeping non-hazardous materials safe whilst minimising the risk of spills or leaks.

Containers First Dangerous Goods Storage Containers

are available for either hire or sale. 

3m (10′)

10ft dangerous good container interior

6cm extra height, 4cm extra width over 6m unit

Storage Capacity: 3,750L

Bund Capacity: 1,250L


6m (20’)

20ft-dangerous good storage container interior

Optional double door side access

Storage Capacity 11,820L

Bund Capacity 3,940L