40ft Shipping Containers

When you need extra space the best solution is one of our 40ft Shipping Containers that come standard in 40ft GP (general purpose) and 40ft HC (high cube) with the difference being the height (see table below). You can choose the solutions that best suits your needs.

40ft shipping container dimensions

With a 40ft shipping container from Containers First you could:

  • Transport goods nationally
  • Use for extra storage
  • Convert to an office
  • Emergency accommodation
  • Stack and install stairs for multi story building
  • Store extra long materials

  • Construction site office
  • Convert to ¬†workshop
  • Vehicle Storage
  • Storm shelter
  • Temporary showroom
  • Build a Man Cave!


40ft Shipping Container Dimensions

40ft General Purpose40ft High Cube
Outside Length12.192m12.192m
Outside Height2.591m2.896m
Outside Width2.438m2.438m
Inside Length12.032m12.000m
Inside Height2.390m2.695m
Inside Width2.345m2.345m
Max Gross Weight30400kg30848kg
Net Load26600kg28580kg
Empty Weight(Tare)3800kg3900kg
Door Height2.280m2.560m
Door Width2.340m2.340m
Volume33.10 m333.10 m3